British Museum Trip – Year 7

July 13th 2022

Ten students from 7O recently visited the British Museum to explore the history of medieval England.

Students took part in an interactive workshop looking at the Norman conquest, using evidence from the Bayeux Tapestry to piece together William’s success. It was fantastic to see students build in their knowledge of the Battle of Hastings to explain the evidence they had been presented with.

7O had a great time making their own crowns and taking on the role of a monarch! All of their senses were engaged as they heard greetings from Harold Godwinson and Duke William, smelt the aroma of the ships that sailed from Normandy to England and felt the weight of the chainmail worn by soldiers. The day ended with a viewing of the British Museum’s exhibition on medieval England, where students were able to compare artefacts from the Vikings, Anglo-Saxons and Normans.


M Alwi

CTL History