Welcome to the Sixth Form

Year 12 and 13 are two of the most challenging years of education you will ever experience, but they will help to lead you to whichever future pathway you choose. For this you will need to develop excellent organisational skills and resilience. The sixth form team are here to help guide you on your path and support you in making choices for your future.

We have high expectations of attendance and punctuality.  We will do all we can to support you in your success, and you must have outstanding attendance and punctuality to achieve this.  The same can be said of your standard of dress and work ethic.  Deadlines are there for a reason and we will monitor your ability to meet these.

You need to know your current grades and be in constant discussion with your teachers to know how to make the necessary improvements.  Be aware of where you are on the achievement board in the Sixth Form office and strive to exceed your targets.

Dress code:

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