Our School

Old Warren SchoolWarren School began life in 1935 as the “Warren Senior Mixed School”. The official opening of the school took place on 22nd October 1935, although the first pupils had joined the school on January 14th, 1935. The original intake of 387 pupils consisted of 178 boys and 209 girls.

Warren School cost a total of £21,312 to build. The school was designed to cater for between 480 and 560 pupils. The original school consisted of 10 classrooms, an assembly hall, an art room, a geography room, a “Handicraft Room for boys”, a “Domestic Science Room for girls” and a “Practical Science” room, as well at the Headmaster’s room, two staff rooms and cloakrooms for use by the pupils. The official programme for the school’s opening (22nd October 1935) details with pride the facilities at the school and explains that the assembly hall “has been fitted with a stage and proscenium and fully equipped with modern stage lighting” whilst the domestic science room “has been equipped with modern cooking appliances”.

After only two years in existence, Warren experienced its first major reorganisation. From August 30th 1937 the school was split into “Warren Senior Boys” and “Warren Senior Girls”. From then until 1958 the school was to be divided into single-sex classes.  Even today, one can see evidence of this division at Warren. At the front of the school facing Whalebone Lane North are two bricked up entrances, above which read “Boys” and “Girls”.

The 1950s and 1960s were times of continuing change and development for the “Warren County Secondary School”. Since 1937 the school had been organised on the basis of single-sex classes and had two Headteachers, one for the Girls’ department and one for boys’. In 1958 the two departments were merged and from that time onwards, boys and girls were taught together in the same classroom.

In 1970, a further reorganisation resulted in the school becoming the “Warren Comprehensive School”, although whether this was as important as previous changes is debatable.  The final entry in the logbook for the Warren County Secondary School reads “……..moved in with old and new staff to reorganise rooms etc. for the new Warren Comprehensive School. ‘A rose by any other name’”

In 2014 the school became part of The Loxford Trust and was renamed The Warren School.