Year 13

Our Year 13 students have now reached the most vital and challenging stage in their academic careers so far. During this year, students will complete their A Levels/BTECs and will be deciding on their future pathway. As the Achievement Team Lead (ATL) for Year 13, I will be supporting and guiding students every step of the way alongside Miss Bruno, our Year Care Team Pastoral Leader. We want to ensure that all students have the ability to achieve their full potential here at The Warren School, so it is extremely important for students to hold themselves accountable and continue to develop excellent organisational skills and resilience. Students should be aware of their current grades in all subjects and be in constant discussion with subject teachers so that they know what they need to do to improve their current grades and exceed their targets.  

As a Sixth Form, there are three very clear priorities for Year 13:

  • All students should aim to maximise their achievement from Year 12. We expect that all students are working towards the next highest grade in Year 13.  
  • All students should complete an application to university during the autumn term of Year 13. If a student is unsure about whether they want to go to university, they should still complete an application as they can always change their mind later if they wish to not go to university next year. If a student does not complete an application, they cannot change their mind if they decide that they want to go to university later on in the year. We have a team of staff who support students during the UCAS process.
  • All students should end Year 13 with 95% attendance or above. Students and parents are reminded that universities and employers will often ask for references throughout Year 13 and these references will include questions about attendance and punctuality. The school can only say that attendance is “outstanding” if it is 95% or above.

This will be the most challenging year for students as they prepare for life outside of school and in wider society. Students must be dedicated and focused so that they can achieve the results that they are capable of. Students will be supported and encouraged to be the best version of themselves and to strive to achieve excellence in all subjects.

If you would like to speak to me concerning your child’s achievement in Year 13, please feel free to contact me via the School Office.

Miss Ahmet

Year 13 Achievement Team Leader