Year 10

I am extremely pleased to continue the journey into Year 10 as your Achievement Team Leader.  

Following the progress made last year, I expect students to continue to demonstrate a commendable work ethic and high standards of behaviour for learning, which will help their future pathways and allow them to achieve the best possible results in their GCSEs.  

The Year 10 team aims to inspire and we will support students’ learning within and beyond the classroom to ensure that students reach their potential.  I, as your Achievement Team Leader, will encourage high aspirations through overseeing student progress and attainment throughout the year.  Ms Symons will represent the Year Care Team from a pastoral perspective, assisting with the care, behaviour and wellbeing of all Year 10 students.  Form Tutors will advise students on areas concerning personal organisation and academic progress, including monitoring how students use their diaries and study time.

As pupils start their own individual learning pathways it is important to remember that most of the courses being studied have a linear structure, meaning they will not be assessed for their final GCSE grades until the end of Year 11.  However, there will be assessments throughout the two years in every subject.  With this in mind it is crucial that students are focused and organised from the start and attend school every day. 

At The Warren School we expect students to work hard in lessons, but to also widen their life experiences by positively contributing towards all aspects of the school and their communities.  A diversity of cultures and British themes will be embraced throughout the year with the use of enrichment trips, our PSCHE programme and assembly themes. This too incorporates our desire to prepare students for life beyond The Warren School and their futures in higher education, which can only be achieved if we continue to build on developing the admirable qualities so many of our students have.

As our school motto states, we expect students to, ‘be in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing’ and students need to maintain this focus in order to achieve their potential. Therefore, it is imperative that the school and parent/carer relationship is strong and collaborative.  If we are working together we will be able to give our young people the best opportunity to be successful in the future.  Parents/Carers are encouraged to look at the school website to stay in touch with schemes of work and homework for each subject.

This year group have demonstrated a mature attitude towards their studies during Year 9 and with continuous hard work and dedication we are confident that they have bright futures ahead of them.  They are an enthusiastic group of young people who make a fantastic impression on whoever they come into contact with, and we expect these students to make the school, their families and the local community proud.

Please feel free to contact me at school if you wish to discuss your child’s progress, and I look forward to celebrating their future successes.

Miss Malik

Achievement Team Leader for Year 10