We expect all students to be in full school uniform and be suitably dressed for P.E., Games and Swimming.  Should you have a problem with your uniform, you will need to write a note for the Achievement Team Leader.

  • Coat                             Black (no logos)
  • Blazer                          with badge
  • Jumper                        V-neck Grey with embroidered school motif
  • Blouses/Shirt             white, plain – no motif or any kind – to be tucked in with the top button fastened
  • Trousers                     black (there should be no: skinny cut trousers, jeans, cords, ‘jean-type’                  material, lycra or leggings type trousers)
  • Skirts                           black – pleated (not straight) and to reach the knees - no lycra
  • Ties                              school tie
  • Shoes                          Polished black, traditional style, black laces and stitching, black sole and heel.
                                         (Plan design, no labels, no trainers or fabric shoes or boots)
  • Socks                          black or white
  • Tights/stockings        black or Natural
  • Headscarf and any hair/clothes accessories (if worn) black or grey

If students wish to wear a coat over their blazer, this should be black.

No hats to be worn inside the building

No baseball caps, no coloured nail varnish and no make-up.

No hooded sweatshirts/jackets.


The school uniform is to be worn correctly at all times.



  • During cold weather student must not wear their coat for PE. They may wish to wear the Warren fleece.
  • Plain Black top (polo style) – with school logo
  • Plain black tracksuit bottoms – with school logo
  • Plain black sweat top – with school logo
  • Black shorts – with school logo (boys and girls are permitted to wear the school shorts)
  • Trainers – not boots


The only jewellery allowed is:

  • One watch
  • No nose, lip or face studs
  • No bracelet (except Sikh kara)
  • No rings and necklaces
  • No pins/badges which are not provided by the school
  • No piercings on any part of the body are allowed


  • Large sums of money must not be brought into school
  • Electrical and other valuable items are NOT allowed on the school premises (including mobile phones)
  • We will not accept any liability for these items
  • Students who bring expensive items into school, do so at their own risk


  • No bright colours in hair and no lines in hair
  • No shaved head or sides of head shaved (minimum blade number 1.5mm)
  • No hair jewellery
  • No lines in eyebrows


Uniform purchased from the school supplier can be ordered on-line at .

You can also contact them on;