Thorpe Park Rewards Trip

July 13th 2022

On Monday 11th July, 235 students from The Warren School arrived excitedly at Thorpe Park with 15 nearly as excited teachers and support staff! 

These students were chosen by Achievement Team Leaders across all years as a reward for their contributions to the school and efforts in their learning across this academic year.  Students had a great day enjoying the rides (and surviving 30°C heat – the log flume was a popular ride of choice!) and exploring Thorpe Park with their friends.

“We had a great day, and it was nice to be chosen to go on the trip.  I was pleased that I worked hard this year and this was rewarded by being allowed to go to Thorpe Park.” – Year 7

“This trip has encouraged me to continue working hard next year in my GCSEs as I would love to come again.” – Year 9

“It is great to see that a range of students across all the years have been selected for their hard work.  Even though we are the elder students, it is still nice for our hard work to be recognised and to be invited on this trip!” – Year 12


Mr. Whiteman

Assistant Headteacher / Trip Lead