Warren Musicians Perform at EartH, Hackney

July 8th 2022

As part of the Barbican Box 2022 Project, students from Year 8 and Year 9 performed their very own music to an enthusiastic audience at the new performance venue EartH in Hackney.  

Students have been preparing their piece over the last two months and together created an 8-minute song that included poetic and powerful messages, beautiful melodies and vocals, haunting atmospheric motifs and finished with an upbeat celebration of musical talent.  The audience went wild with applause and it was fantastic to see the students having the opportunity to perform on an amazing stage with brilliant sound and lighting.

The students were so energised after the performance and are all keen to be involved in the Barbican Box Project for 2023! 

"I felt really nervous but also so excited."

"I have definitely got more confidence in myself through doing this project."

"Can I do it again next year, miss?"

We will definitely be applying to take part in the project again next year and I for one can't wait to hear what they create.

I am so proud of them all.

Mrs H Briner

CTL of Performing Arts