Year 10 Art Trip to Tate Britain

June 16th 2022

Year 10 Art students were taken to Tate Britain, one of the best galleries in London, to view Art from 1545 to the present day. Students walked in the sunshine via Westminster, past Big Ben and along the River Thames to the gallery for a day of sketching, photography, discussion and looking closely at amazing artworks in the flesh. We started at the main central gallery with a contemporary installation by the artist Hew Locke, a procession of life-size figures constructed from cardboard, wood and brightly coloured fabrics which explored the history of the ‘Tate’ through its links with the sugar industry and slavery.

Students then followed the routes through the Main Collection from the 1500s through to the present day, viewing paintings by Hogarth, Turner, Constable, John Singer Sargent, Rothko and Hockney, as well as sculpture, photography and film works. Students will be using their experience of the trip to help fuel their practical ideas for their final pieces. The gallery also gave them a sense of the changing face of Art through history to the present day, and will hopefully inspire them to visit more galleries in the Summer.

Miss Latham

Art Teacher