Cinderella Pantomime Trip

January 7th 2022

As an end of term reward for all of our SEND students who have EHC plans, the SEND department took the students to the Kenneth Moore Theatre in Ilford to watch the pantomime Cinderella. Thanks to a grant received from a local charity, North Meets South, this trip was fully funded and the students were treated to lunch, a luxury coach ride and theatre tickets to watch the live performance. Our students were very excited, got fully involved in the audience participation and enjoyed every moment of their reward trip. They were especially impressed with the flying pumpkin coach and the magically changing ball gown that took Cinderella to the ball to meet Prince Charming. There was fun to be had throughout the performance with poor Miss Nightingale being soaked with a water spray (nobody told her not to sit at the front!) and the children competing to be the best side of the audience (of course we won!).

The children were beautifully behaved and were ambassadors for the standards and inclusion we promote at The Warren School. The afternoon was an absolute delight with students giving huge thanks to their keyworkers for taking them to the performance.

Quotes from the students as follows:

  • KG (7O) " I enjoyed it. I really liked the end part where they had the ball and Cinderella got to marry the prince. It was awesome!" 
  • KA (10C) “The best part was when Cinderella got a new dress! The theatre trip was the best thing in my life so far!” 
  • RO (8O) “My favourite part was when Miss Nightingale got sprayed by Buttons! It was funny!” 
  • EM (9O) "I enjoyed it. It was my first theatre trip and I liked that you could shout back."
  • MM (11O) "All of it was my favourite! I really liked the water guns and the carriage floating."