Epping Forest Fieldwork Trip

January 6th 2022

On Monday 8th November 2021, Year 13 Geography pupils visited Epping Forest to carry out a fieldwork investigation on Water and Carbon cycles. This trip enabled pupils to gather primary data that they could use for their coursework. Pupils worked in teams to gather up various forms of data, such as the difference between discharge in urban and rural areas, checking the rate of infiltration on different surfaces, and calculating the amount of carbon stored (sequestered) by the trees and vegetation in Epping Forest.

some of the data collected;

  • Pupils measuring discharge in different areas.
  • Pupils measuring carbon sequestration.
  • Pupils measuring carbon sequestration.
  • Pupils analysing their data back in the field studies centre.

It was a successful and productive day, with one student saying that she was so happy to ‘actually get real physical geography data!’