Remembrance Day

November 15th 2021

The Warren School marked Remembrance Day with an Act of Remembrance at 11am.  This consisted of the poem ‘In Flanders Fields’ and The Exhortation read by Year 9s Jonathan and Sarah, and a drill by cadets Tania (Year 12), Tre (Year 10), Dinys (Year 11) and Sandeep (Year 13), before the Last Post and 2 minutes silence were observed by the entire school.

Please also see below a monologue by a Year 8 pupil which was read out as part of the Remembrance Day assemblies this week.

My Internal Monologue on War

By Inaya Mahmood 8H

War. Death. Evil. It is the power that destroys and destructs everything it touches. It is a physical manifestation of Mankind’s vices and selfishness - their bad deeds. Necessarily, it is a fight between right and wrong - one party against another. It is the actions of the innate evil and sin inside us and the devil within us. It is heaven vs Hell; good vs evil; immorality vs morality and vices vs virtues. It creates rivalries and enemies or allies and friends. A fight between democracy and tyranny, law, and corruption. It is human nature to be power hungry and greedy; to want and want; to be blood-thirsty for killing and conflict; and to be utterly savage in civilisation.

Opposingly, it can be a struggle for justice and equality. It can be a combat for peace, morality, and to prevail the hidden truths under the dense blanket of sinister lies. It can be a fight to make the world a better place.
But is it really?

Conceivably, it could be a plan to colonise lands, undermine the enemy, and take the ultimate control and power of human civilisation. Regardless of what war is, it is still a fight between ourselves, since we are one species, one union, one coadunation, a harmony….

And the collateral damage is unrepairable.