Colin Pond Awards Ceremony 2021

November 10th 2021

Several of our Year 12 students recently attended the Colin Pond Awards Ceremony, after they achieved highly in their GCSE results.

Please see below some comments from each student.

The Colin Pond awards ceremony was a really delightful social function where I have been able to visualise how my achievement can be rewarded. On top of the financial support that will aid my further education in terms of resources, it has motivated me to improve my work ethic so that I can live up to the standards as a young leader of this borough.

I have had issues with self-confidence and I doubted my ability to prosper in my studies. However, now I know that I’m capable of so much more than my previous self. For that I am grateful to Colin Pond and his legacy.

Ahmed Yamin Naeem 12R

Attending the Colin Pond awards was greatly rewarding as it did not only give me a chance to appreciate the hard work that led me to gain the award but further encouraged me to push myself for more success throughout my A-levels. Being surrounded by other intelligent students at the ceremony also allows you to create a certain standard for yourself by which you aim to continuously challenge yourself to fulfil your goals. The ceremony itself was beneficial in portraying how the constant effort you put into your exams can be worthwhile by being acknowledged and consequently building a sense of accomplishment.

Leonida Bibaj

The Colin Pond scholarship has enabled me to begin my saving for university and I am extremely grateful for that. The event was an amazing experience and a great opportunity to meet new people, it was a great way to acknowledge my own and every other talented student’s achievements particularly during such a challenging time of the pandemic. The reward that I have received has encouraged me to continue my hard work throughout my study of A-levels and reassures me during stressful periods of time that my work will pay off.

Ellie Bell 12E

The event was both extravagant but simplistic making it very welcoming. The host Liza was funny and it was nice to see other schools with their prized pupils. I loved knowing I had the support of my family, friends, teachers and the people involved with me, the Colin Pond trust.

Ciron Visahar 12R

When I attended the Colin Pond ceremony I felt both honoured and privileged to be in attendance with some of the smartest students in the borough. Having attended the ceremony it made me feel acknowledged for the hard work and determination I put in everyday for my school work and home studies as I like many others, often felt unappreciated. The money and knowledge that my hard work leads to something will help me continue my endeavours to go on to get my highest grades possible in A level.

The atmosphere of the theatre was amazing and I enjoyed every moment of it with my peers and family, whether it was in the theatre itself or the foyer.

I loved the ceremony and so did my family and I believe that seeing all the smartest people in the area altogether has inspired me to do even better.

Freddie Cranmer 12N

Attending an event like this helps each student to see that others like them are around and that hard work really does pay off. The students really benefitted from knowing that someone somewhere has acknowledged their efforts.  Receiving £300 each will go a long way to ensure that these students can buy something of their choosing and remind them of why they are so successful.  We wish them the best of luck and will continue to motivate them towards their chosen careers.

Ms. Newsam 

6th Form Achievement Team Leader