In the Spring Term you will be making your choices for GCSE and BTEC. At this stage, the curriculum will still be broad, so that you can continue to extend your knowledge and skills in a central core of subjects while beginning to make choices in other areas, based on your own abilities and preferences. This curriculum will ensure that as many opportunities as possible remain open to you, both for further study, at school and in higher education, and for your future career.

Options Booklet 2022-24 

Key Dates

Monday 28th February – Friday 18th March

Each Tuesday at assembly heads of departments will address the students on subjects that they may not as yet have experienced.

Taster lessons are offered to the students at lunch time or after school. A timetable of the taster lessons will be attached to a letter and sent on Monday 24th February. They may need to sign up for some of the taster lessons.

PM registration: Individual discussion to take place between the tutees and the tutor.

Students will be given stickers as reminders of their parental interviews to put in their diary.

Monday 28th March

Students return their form for choices.

Thursday 31st March

Deadline for option changes; however, if courses are full then students will be placed on a waiting list.

Week beginning Monday 9th May

Option interviews scheduled during this week with selected students with SLT/ ATLs