Art and Design promote learning that supports the perception and understanding of spiritual, social and emotional issues within a visual context. We encourage all learners to learn through personal, creative exploration of media, processes and techniques.

We believe the creative thinking and problem-solving skills gained through a challenging and diverse Art and Design education extends beyond our subject, providing cross-curricular and a lateral creative skillset.

The Art and Design department has high expectations of our students’ attainment, development and personal conduct. We have created a well-resourced and stimulating environment where success and achievement are valued and celebrated.

We offer a range of enrichment, extension and multi-disciplinary learning experiences for our learners and community with clubs, visiting Artists/Designers, workshops, gallery visits, whole school productions and exhibitions.

Art has links with the Music, Media, Drama, Science, MFL and English departments.


In KS3 learners are offered a broad and balanced curriculum which encompasses a wide range of learning experiences, Social and cultural issues and both historical and contemporary Artist/Designers with a foundation based within the formal elements.

Our Year 7 curriculum allows our learners to learn through creative experimentation on diverse themes from Kate Malone’s clay sculptures to David Hockney’s digital landscapes.

In year 8, our learners building upon these foundation skills and master them further through sustained investigations on themes ranging from Mexican Folk Art to 3D Typography.

During year 9 we continue to develop communication, analytical and practical skills by introducing more challenging themes and synthesis of ideas through process led curriculum. All our KS3 lessons are designed to prepare students to a higher level and we mirror the content and structure of the GCSE courses that can be taken from Year 9.


At Key Stage 4 students can choose Art, Photography or Textiles pathways.

Students follow the GCSE course (AQA exam board). We follow an unendorsed course so that pupils are free to work in any materials/style they wish. Both Art, Photography and Textiles are creative courses that allow students to explore themes and the creative responses of Historical and Contemporary artists, designers and photographers.

The GCSE Art & Design, GCSE Photography and GCSE Textiles courses have a range of learning opportunities for all students that are both practical and theoretical. Thus, providing our learners with the knowledge, understanding and skill set to maximise their personal achievement. The course covers multi-disciplines that allow for fluid expression such as: Traditional Fine Art (painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture) Textiles, Machine Embroidery, Serigraphy, Dressmaking, Fashion, Analog and Digital Photography, Photoshop, Modelling, Construction and Arts-Based ICT.

The course is split between portfolio/coursework assessment (60%) and 10-hour practical examination (40%). Details of the course can be found on the AQA website (

GCSE’s in Art &Design, Photography or Textiles offer a range of transferable and creative thinking skills to take into sixth form subjects. As well as Art and Design, Textiles and Photography, learners also succeed at Art History, Performing Arts, Engineering, English Literature, Music, Media Studies and History and Sociology based subjects.

GCSE Results 2019

Congratulations to the Year 11 students on achieving 42% grades 9-4.

GCSE Results 2020

Congratulations to the Year 11 students on achieving 66% grades 9-4.

GCSE Results 2021

Congratulations to the Year 11 students on achieving 61% grades 9-4.

GCSE Results 2022

Congratulations to the Year 11 students on achieving 88% grades 9-4.

Extra Curricular

In addition to the school led exhibition/gallery visits as part of the curriculum, we encourage our learners to go and visit galleries, exhibitions and arts events that will inform their learning. All students will be expected to complete 1 hour of independent learning a week which will deepen their understanding of the task or topic.

Useful Links

Art and Design is a demanding and challenging course which is enhanced through independent and personal engagement. Regular visits to as many exhibitions and galleries as possible would be hugely beneficial, as well as viewing art centred documentaries or programs on television. However the most important support we would recommend is regular viewing and discussion of the sketchbook – encouraging your child to discuss what they are learning and the artists/themes they are studying.



As above plus the following;