English as an Additional Language


English as an Additional Language

The EAL (English as an Additional Language) department is focused on supporting and developing those students for whom English is a second, third or sometimes even fourth language. These students come from a wide range of backgrounds and contribute to the cultural heritage and diversity that enriches greatly the Warren community. Their experiences inform and inspire teaching and learning across the whole school.

EAL is a flourishing department that involves itself in all aspects of teaching and contributes to the success of this outstanding school.

Outside the classroom

EAL students are involved in a number of extra-curricular activities and events.

Every year the Modern Foreign Languages department celebrates the European Day of Languages. This is championed throughout the school with class activities which serve to highlight the cultural and linguistic diversity of The Warren. The key focus of these activities is to celebrate this diversity and recognise how multiculturalism enhances the school and wider community.

One of the advantages of The Warren being an 11 to 18 school is the opportunity this presents for EAL students of all ages to get together and speak in their home language.

Secondary students welcome the chance to engage with their younger counterparts in the primary and help them become part of the Warren community.

Support for your Learning

We support students using a range of effective strategies. Our role is to help make the curriculum accessible and to support the English language and literacy development of multilingual learners in different subjects and across all year groups.

The EAL TA supports in partnership with mainstream teachers across the curriculum and age range. In-class support is provided by both the EAL teaching assistant to further raise attainment.

Exemplar resources to support the learning of EAL students are developed by the team and shared both, within and outside the school and can be found in the AAAEAL drive.

All students are assessed on entry to determine appropriate intervention and support strategies required for those with English language needs. Subsequently EAL students’ progress is assessed at the start of every term to monitor the effectiveness of these strategies.

Beginners in English attend an intervention programme to provide them with a foundation for learning the language and to familiarise them with the unfamiliar culture and education system.

Additional support is provided Monday lunchtimes and after-school to help EAL students with their homework. The EAL section in the library is well-resourced with a wide range of bilingual dictionaries, encyclopaedias and other reference books as well as computers; students also have the opportunity to borrow books for reading pleasure.

Useful Websites

Support for your Teaching

Regular INSET programmes for all staff are delivered to enable mainstream teachers to understand EAL issues and ensure that they are best equipped to support students across the curriculum.

All Teach First and NQTs are inducted into EAL through CPD programmes throughout the year. These are delivered to small groups as well as individuals.

EAL in Barking and Dagenham

The Warren EAL department networks with the EAL departments in other schools (both primary and secondary) across the borough to encourage and facilitate the sharing of best practice. Regular meetings are convened by the advisory team and outside speakers are often brought in to discuss topical issues.