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Autumn Term 2016

Term Half Term Term Christmas Break
Start Finish Start Finish Start Finish Start Finish
Friday 2nd September Friday 21st October Monday 24th October Friday 28th October Monday 31st October Tuesday 20th December Wednesday 21st December Monday 2nd January


Spring Term 2017

Term Half Term Term Spring Break
Start Finish Start Finish Start Finish Start Finish
Tuesday 3rd January Friday 10th February Monday 13th February Friday 17th February Monday 20th February Friday 7th April Monday 10th April Friday 21st April


Summer Term 2017

Term Half Term Term
Start Finish Start Finish Start Finish
Monday 24th April Friday 26th May Monday 29th May Friday 2nd June Monday 5th June Thursday 20th July


Bank Holidays

  • Monday 29th August 2016 (Summer Bank Holiday)
  • Monday 26th December 2016 (Boxing Day)
  • Tuesday 27th December 2016 (Christmas Day – substituted)
  • Monday 2nd January 2017 (New Year’s Day)
  • Friday 14th April 2017 (Good Friday)
  • Monday 17th April 2017 (Easter Monday)
  • Monday 1st May 2017 (May Bank Day)
  • Monday 29th May 2017 (Spring Bank Holiday)
  • Monday 28th August 2017 (Summer Bank Holiday)


Staff INSET Days

  • Friday 2nd September 2016
  • Monday 28th November 2016
  • Monday 19th December 2016
  • Tuesday 20th December 2016
  • Friday 24th March 2017


Parent Meetings

  • Tuesday 4th October 2016 – Year 6 Open Evening
  • Thursday 13th October 2016 – Year 12 Welcome Evening
  • Thursday 10th November 2016 – Year 7 Welcome Evening
  • Thursday 19th January 2017 – Year 11 Parents’ Evening
  • Thursday 26th January 2017 – Year 13 Parents’ Evening
  • Thursday 2nd February 2017 – Year 9 Parents’ Evening
  • Thursday 23rd March 2017 – Year 12 Parents’ Evening
  • Thursday 27th April 2017 – Year 10 Parents’ Evening
  • Thursday 11th May 2017 – Year 8 Parents’ Evening
  • Thursday 29th June 2017 – Year 7 Parents’ Evening



At the Warren School our assemblies are an important feature of our school’s life. They act as one of the main ways by which we create our positive reflective ethos and promote our values-based education. We are grateful to all colleagues and students who make a positive contribution to them. Assemblies may contain times of quiet reflection that enable students to develop the deepest values and aspirations of the human spirit but also their spiritual, moral, social and cultural awareness.