Students at the Warren have a wide range of ways in which to make their voices heard.  In addition to each subject collecting student voice information throughout the year each tutor group has two form representatives who meet with the ATL for their year group regularly to discuss issues that are raised both by students in their tutor groups and also by the ATL’s.  Each year group also has two school council representatives for their year group that attend the School Council Executive Committee Meetings and form the link between their year group and the council.  These students made speeches at the start of the year and were democratically elected by their peers.  We also have 3 committees that arrange events and school wide action on Equality, Environment and Charities/ Events.  We are looking to expand our committees in the future to also include a curriculum committee.  Any students in the school can join these committees and support in arranging as many events as they like.

The school council is overseen by Miss Lyus but is run by the head boy and head girl.


Quotes from members of the school council executive committee:

“By the end of the year I would hope to have been able to listen to the opinions of students from across my year group and do my best to ensure that we can change the school for the better”.


“I would like to see different cultures have a greater level of acknowledgement and celebration across the school and I hope to increase awareness of events like Eid, Black History Month, Diwali”.


“My goal for the Warren school is to continue to create an uplifting environment for all students.  This includes a solid support system and ensuring that each students voice is heard and that everyone is able to develop themselves to be the best they can be not just academically but also as fully rounded individuals too.”


“Develop a larger range of extra-curricular clubs and activities to allow more students to take part and develop interests outside of their curriculum lessons”.


“I am here to pass on the views of my peers and make their voices are heard”.