Stephen Lawrence Day

In commemoration of the 28th anniversary of Stephen Lawrence’s murder on April 22nd 1993, pupils at The Warren School took part in a unique educational experience hosted by the Anne Frank Trust.  All pupils from Year 7 to Year 13 have access to the YouTube link, however, year 8 pupils were able to access the event live this morning. Pupils across this year group were attentive and respectful, not only of Stephen’s memory, but also of the vast amount of information about, his murder, racism at the time and the racism experienced by the citizens of pre-war Nazi Germany. The Trust contextualised real life stories against the back drop of 1990’s Britain, 1840’s Germany and 21st century Britain. Some pupils were unaware of Stephen’s story but now feel they are able to place this terrible tragedy within a framework of change that has occurred in Britain over the last 28 year and can also understand how events in Hitler’s Germany relate to our global journey towards a more just society.

In the words of some year 8 pupils;

“ I enjoyed the session because it helps spread awareness about racial inequality that not only happened in the past but is still present in the world we live in today”.


“I thought the online workshop was very inspiring and I learnt all about racism around the world and that we need to tackle it together.”


“I feel as if I’ve learn ’t more about institutionalised racism and the system. Also I’ve seen that racism is still present today and we need to do something about it. We should use our voices to express our distress and views”.


Year 8 are now working on wall displays for their classrooms to showcase what they have learnt and their feelings about racism in society.

Thank you to the Anne Frank Foundation for a very inspiring session.