Welcome to Year 8


Firstly I would like to thank you all for the memories of Year 7 as ones to be immensely proud of and allowing me to be part of your exciting and captivating journey here at The Warren School. Year 7 was a wonderful first chapter, filled with success and achievement. Now it is our responsibility to maintain and surpass these high standards and expectations set.

I am absolutely thrilled to be starting the new academic year as Achievement Team Leader for Year 8.  This is the start of a new and exciting journey for us all and I have high expectations about what can be achieved over the next six years. Year 8 is an opportunity for a fresh start and the chance for a student to become the type of learner and young person that they want to be.

There are various points of contact in the school for Year 8 such as their form tutor. Form tutors are the daily point of contact, have an overview of pupils learning and are able to offer advice and guidance. The team of tutors are overseen by myself Achievement Team Leader; Miss Malik responsible for the learning and achievement of the year group. I will be supported by K Agyei; Year Care Team for Year 8 and she will be responsible for student welfare and is available to help students and parents/carers with any concerns they have.

A successful second year relies on team work and between the school, student and parent or carer; we need to support each other to see this success happen. We have clear guidelines in place to help the development and raising attainment of our students. With your help and assistance, we can continue this positive trend by ensuring that homework is completed regularly, school diaries are signed and checked by parents and tutors every week and that students take full advantage of all the after school activities we have available at The Warren School.

Remember, ‘Be in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing.’

Mr Roberts
Achievement Team Leader