Student Wellbeing & Mental Health Summit


To mark World Mental Health Day 14 students from the year 7 & 9 student councils joined with young people from across the borough to take part in the first student wellbeing and mental health summit.  The day was packed full of sessions and after an introduction led by students and a life coach/ motivational speaker students had the opportunity to attend 4 of the 6 sessions taking place that day.  Many of the sessions were student led and gave students the opportunity to discuss, challenge ideas and debate them in open forum. 

  •        Mental health is everyone’s business
  •        Everyone is unique – Alien’s welcome
  •           What we don’t see…..
  •          Creating change
  •       The outside world and its impact
  •       More than mentors

During the lunch break students were able to walk around and talk to the stall holders and get advice from different youth organisations.  There was information on art therapy, Child & Adolescent mental health team, school nurses, sexual health nurses, youth services, social workers, careers advice and a range of other professionals.

The feedback from students was incredible and it was a real privilege to watch them flourish and grow in confidence throughout the day:

“Today has helped me braver and accept my flaws as what makes me unique, rather than seeing them as a bad part of me”

“None of know what other people are going through and sometimes a little kindness can make a huge difference to someone”

“I’m a weirdo but so is everyone else and I’m cool with that”.

Students fed back a range of ideas to the school parliament and have come up with a list of actions they would like to see put into place across the next term including opportunities for meditation / silent reflection, peer mentoring and a happiness survey for students.