Welcome to Year 7


We are excited to welcome our new Year 7 students into their first year of secondary education here at The Warren School. This is the start of an exciting but challenging journey for the students and I have extremely high expectations for the year group. The focus for the students this year is high achievement and the students will be supported with everything they need in order to reach their full potential.

The achievement and progress of Year 7 will be continually monitored and evaluated by myself, Mr Roberts, the Achievement Team Leader (ATL) and Mrs Hutchins who represents the Year Care Team (YCT) for Year 7 who will assist with the progression of our students by focussing on their wellbeing, addressing any inadequate behaviour and dealing with lateness. Our dedicated team of tutors will also play an integral part of ensuring our students achieve. Tutors are the first port of call for any issues, as the students will see their tutees first thing in the morning as well as the end of the day affording those opportunities to pick up on the challenges our students may be facing.

This year is the start of our Year 7 students following their own individual learning pathways. With this in mind it is crucial that students are focused and organised from the start. To assist with this, this year we will be placing a greater emphasis on students taking responsibility for their own learning and supporting them every step of the way to becoming independent learners now they are in secondary education.

Our rewards system ensures that all students displaying outstanding work and effort are recognised, receiving certificates in assembly, positive phone calls and letters home as well as earning places on extracurricular trips. It is essential that students are ‘in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing’ and any students failing to meet this will be sanctioned appropriately and we ask for full parental support when dealing with such behaviour. There are no excuses for any students disturbing learning for others and there will be no tolerance for this behaviour.

Organisation is key this year and students are expected to be prepared with all their equipment every day and make full and efficient use of their student planners. The planners will allow students to record and track homework, as well as monitor their own attendance and punctuality. The planner is also a tool for communication between the school and home. Parents, carers and tutors are required to sign the planner weekly, monitor the homework that is being recorded and check that the planner is being used to its full potential. Parental input is essential for student’s success and a positive relationship between home and school is vital for our students to succeed.

Excellent attendance is essential for students to fulfil their full potential. Students are expected to be in school every day, missing one day results in students missing at least five hours of learning time, this can have a knock on effect on future learning. Students that have 100% achievement are rewarded regularly throughout their year.

The school will facilitate extended opportunities to assist students in their effort to be their best. Our inclusion programmes for English as an Additional Language (EAL) students and Special Educational Needs students support these students in fulfilling their potential and exceeding their targets.

After school and during lunchtimes we offer many extracurricular opportunities for the students such as sports clubs, music lessons and arts clubs.

Year 7 will be both exciting and demanding for our Year 7 students as they embark on their first year here at The Warren. The year ahead will challenge and stretch them and staff expectations will be higher than ever. I look forward to helping students meet these challenges head on and have every confidence that, with help and support from our dedicated team, our students will succeed.

Thank you in advance for your continued support.

Miss Rodney
Achievement Team Leader