The Warren School Life and Learning Zone

We would like to welcome everyone to our Life and Learning Zone. This is the home of the SEND and EAL Department and what we like to think of as the heart of the school. This is a safe and welcoming place for ALL our students and staff. The importance of our department is rooted in our ability to support students and parents from starting a new school in Year 7 which brings about big changes for all the family right the way through to the chosen post 18 pathways that will see students into being successful and functioning adults within our society. These pages will give you an insight into the values and work of the Department in collaboration with the Head teacher and Governing Body, who play a key role in determining the strategic development of the SEND policy and provision in the school in order to raise the achievement of our students.

Here at Warren it is with pleasure that I can reassure you that every child matters and that we strive to meet the individual needs of all as shown through our inclusive approach for all students on the learning spectrum. We appreciate that students respond to the learning environment in different ways and progress at different rates. This is why we believe in the power of enrichment, intervention and a personalised mainstream curriculum to ensure all have an equal opportunity to access their Education.

Our focus for the forthcoming year will be to develop a deep rooted passion for learning and to grow in a spiritual, moral and cultural sense. We are honoured to have the opportunity this year to nurture desirable life skills ensuring so all our highest level of needs students will be able to confidently interact with their teachers and peers. Thus we have strong links with a vast array of Out-reach support workers such as the Educational Psychology Service, CAMHS, Specialist Speech and language Therapists, Joseph Clarke Services, NELFT, Connexions, SUBWISE, the Met Police, Drum works, RELATEEN and our Trust Education Welfare Officer.

We also have as a wealth of knowledge and experience within our own Department with our Learning Support Assistants striving to complete additional training to upskill, along with working relentlessly to ensure our students are supported in and out of class. This is evident through our break and lunch time clubs running every day in the Life and Learning Zone allowing our highest level of need students an opportunity to play games and eat in a calm supervised environment. We do also offer homework club every day after school to allow access to one to one support. To share the far reaching level of additional help being offered to our students across the whole school we conduct BASELINE testing of all new arrivals to identify every student’s reading and spelling ages, as well as having the resources to screen for Dyslexia and Dyscalculia if required.  In additional throughout the year we will work closely with staff to identify suitable students for our Intervention Programme which include small groups and one to one for Social Skills, Resilience, Hand writing, Lexia, Phonics play, Alpha to Omega, Wellbeing, Coping and Breathe, Code, Speech, Language and Communication Needs, Reading Recovery, Accelerated Reader, Numeracy, Precision Teaching, Boys Group, Girls Group, YCT Behaviour Group and KS4 Academic Mentoring and I am proud to share that we currently have over 140 students receiving additional provision.

As a department we feel it imperative that we recognise and celebrate achievement. Thus through the year we send letters home to update parents on positive teacher feedback and award positive behaviour and achievement SIMs, subject and intervention awards as well as nominations for the Prestigious Head Teacher awards.  For our student with EHCP it is with great pleasure that we host an Afternoon Tea event every term, which is always a wonderful success and utterly charming with our students at the forefront of running this. These events are truly valuable to our developing and strengthening parental relationships. The purpose and impact of such an event allows our SEND department to work with parents and students to discuss and gain a greater understanding of how to best support the growth of independence, academic achievement and be able to fulfil their aspirational targets based on a review meeting to discuss the student’s Student Support Summary and targets.

We will continue to challenge all our students to make outstanding progress and through our rigours monitoring we hope to instil a passion for learning and the life skills they need to become positive members of the community. they Finally thank you in advance for your support, we look forward to working with you and promise to always do our upmost to assist you with any concerns or feedback you wish to share.



The Warren SEND and EAL Team

SENCO- Mrs S Begum

ARP Manager: Ms M Duke

Learning Support Assistants:

Ms D Richardson – Lexia and Accelerated Reader

Mrs A Colyer – Baseline testing and Precision Teaching

Miss M Nightingale – CODE and Phonics Play

Mrs J Lamb – Speech, Language and Communication and Peer Education Project

Mrs B Simon – Fine Motor Skills and Handwriting

Ms P Burrell – Peer Education Project, More than Mentors and Numeracy

Ms Helen Cooley – Numicon, SLCN group testing

Miss D Peltier – THRIVE and emotional literacy

Miss C Nelson – EAL testing and Entry level English


To contact us please feel free ring the school reception on 020 8270 4500 and ask to be put directly through to the SEND department.


The Role of the SENCO

  • Overseeing the day to day operation of the school’s SEND policy and provision
  • Liaising with and advising staff and managing the SEND team
  • Coordinating the holistic support or students with EAL and special educational needs
  • Overseeing and updating the records on all students with additional support and provision in place
  • Building communication with parents/carers of students with special educational needs
  • Supporting to raise attendance across the school
  • Contributing to the in-service training and CPD of staff
  • Enhancing enrichment opportunities and liaising with external support agencies
  • Working closely with Primary Schools and colleges to ensure the successful transition for students with SEND

The Role of the ARP Manager

To work with the SENCO to ensure all ARP student’s needs are met. Mrs Duke is responsible for the timely learning walks, homework and book look reviews in line with the ARP student’s teacher reports throughout the year. She will also be teaching and tutoring the Year 7 Nurture Group in English and Humanities this year. Mrs Duke will continue to develop the curriculum to ensure it is tailored to student’s diversity of needs.

The Role of the LSA

We have a wealth of experience amongst our Learning Support Assistants (LSA) who make a valuable contribution to the achievements of students. They are attentive to our most vulnerable student’s social and emotional wellbeing and work tirelessly to support our students with their educational in class and through internal interventions.

The Role of the Governing Body

  • Mrs Cook – Parent Governor for SEND
  • Mr P Randal – SEND Governor and Chair of Governors
  • Mr D Low – SEND Governor for the Trust

Our school Governors responsibilities to students with include: ensuring that support provisions are of a high standard, ensuring that students with SEND are fully involved in school activities, that a regard to the Code of Practice is adhered to when carrying out responsibilities and are fully involved in developing and reviewing the SEND strategy.

Aims and Ethos

At The Warren we value all students equally. Our guiding principle is one of Inclusion. We want to identify and reduce possible barriers to learning. The aim of The Warren’s SEND policy is to develop a system of support, which enables students with Special Educational Needs to make the greatest possible progress in reaching their full potential. The support systems are based on comprehensive whole school systems of monitoring, assessment and intervention.


Objectives in making provision for students with SEND and EAL

  • To ensure that all students including those with difficulties and disabilities have equal access to a broad, balanced curriculum which is differentiated to identify individual needs and abilities.
  • To ensure that all teachers are aware that it is their responsibility to meet the Special Educational Needs of students. In this they can draw on the resources of the whole school.
  • To ensure that every student has his or her particular needs recognised and addressed.
  • To seek the views of the student and involve him/her in the process of support.
  • To offer the high quality support to ensure that all student needs are met.
  • To fully involve parents/carers in the process of provision for the student.
  • To acknowledge and draw on parental knowledge and expertise in relation to their child.
  • To ensure the aims of education for students with learning difficulties and disabilities are the same as those for all students.
  • To maximise the opportunities for SEND students to participate in all the activities of the school.
  • To enable all students to experience success.
  • To ensure that consideration of SEND crosses all curriculum areas and all aspect of teaching and learning.
  • To ensure that all teachers encompass the good special needs practice which is beneficial for all students.
  • To ensure awareness amongst staff that any student may encounter difficulties at some stage.