The school’s statutory policies can be found on the Loxford School Trust website. Please click here to view the policies

In additional to the above policies, we also have the following which are specific to our school:

Absence Procedure Accessibility Plan Admission Arrangements Biometrics Guidance SEND Policy Admissions Procedure – 6th Form Complaints PolicyExclusions Statement Behaviour Policy LST – COVID19 – Behaviour Policy Addendum Remote Learning LST – COVID19 – Behaviour Policy Addendum Students in SchoolCOVID 19 Policy Adjustments – The Warren SchoolRemote EducationImpact Assessment – COVID- 19 – Staff and pupilsCOVID – 19 Risk Assessment – Full SchoolPost 16 Tuition Fund Statement – Trust Reopening – September 2020

Human Resources Policies and Procedures at Loxford School Trust

All policies and procedures are held locally in all Loxford Trust Schools’.
To receive a copy please speak to the HR Officer at the school: List of Policies