Year 9 Football – Lycamobile Cup Finals


After winning a preliminary tournament, a group of Year 9 footballers had the lucky opportunity to play in a football tournament at the Olympic Park, on the site of the warm-up track that was used during 2012 by competing athletes. The 6-a-side competition was arranged by West Ham United Foundation and had originally consisted of 60 schools; The Warren were one of only eight winners of the earlier rounds proceeding through to the Lycamobile Cup Finals.

Unfortunately, an injury early in the tournament meant that Warren had to play nearly the whole day with only five men. Nonetheless, the boys put in a valiant effort recording three draws and four narrow defeats in their games, quite a feat considering the numerical disadvantage – which was further aggravated by the hot weather conditions causing tiredness to kick in sooner than usual. The pupils should be proud of their efforts and were likely to be one of the competition’s front-runners if it was not for the unforeseen circumstances of losing a player. Emmanuel Harvest’s performances were consistently high and caught the eye of some of the West Ham academy players that were refereeing on the day.