Year 8 Girls Rugby Festival

Borough of Barking & Dagenham
Venue: Barking Rugby Club
Tuesday 17th October 2017

girls_rugbyOn Tuesday afternoon our year 8 girls rugby team took part in their first ever festival at Barking Rugby Club against 8 other borough schools.

In our first match we played some amazing rugby and completely outplayed Barking Abbey by 13 tries to 2. (Score 65-10)

In our second match we played Jo Richardson and scored 14 tries to 2 in a truly amazing performance of brilliant rugby. (Score 70-10)

In our third match we played Eastbury School who had some very big girls. Our girls had to tackle girls much bigger than themselves but they did so with such vigour that the opposition visibly shrank, which enabled us to score 12 more tries and again we only conceded 2. (Score 60-10)

In our next match against Goresbrook School we scored 13 more tries and when you consider that the game was only 14 minutes long our scoring rate to time played was unbelievable. (65-10)

Our final game was against Robert Clack and we once again demonstrated our dominance with an impressive 11-1 victory (55-5).

This impressive display is a result of the partnership we have with Barking Rugby Club and the lessons and after school rugby sessions held by Keith, our Barking Rugby Club Community Coach. The girls have only actually had 3 after school sessions and no actual game time, so it is clear to see the work that Keith is doing with the girls and the partnership we have with Barking Rugby Club is really benefitting the girls of Warren School.

We now look forward to entering the Essex Emerging Schools competition in November.

Our 14 strong female squad were immense with so many outstanding performances. El yse Shaw scored a brace of tries and continued to do so in every game and was simply too fast and powerful for any team in the borough to handle. The tackling of Iasmin Da Costa Camara was just brutal as she regularly brought down girls much bigger than herself. Her powerful performance in every game paved the way for the other girls to score so many tries. One tackle from Iasmin and the girls in all the other teams were afraid to get the ball. Leonie Thomas was our captain and lead by example throughout the tournament scoring several tries and setting up many others. Tania Petras and Maddison Sprent were amazing and made so many mazy runs and tackled girls much bigger than themselves. Jaida  Corpuz and Ellie Bell were very solid in defence and Jaida scored some powerful tries. Inaya Saleq and Kristina Vasylyk also made some very significant contributions in every game with some big tackles and nice runs and scored some excellent tries. Molly Birtles and Saira Ahmed were brilliant in defence making some very good tackles and recycled the ball when the opposition were in possession to allow us to score so many tries. Eunice Sindani was also so powerful and scored some brilliant tries. Sharon Adesanya and Hannah Adedeji were also a very important part of the squad and made some brilliantly timed tackles and decisive runs into the opposition territory.