Year 7 Accelerated Reader

Year 7 Accelerated Reader Badge Winners

Year 7 students at Warren are reading avidly to attain their ‘Bookworm’ reading badges. As well as having dedicated reading lessons in English and a school-wide ‘Drop Everything and Read’ session every Thursday afternoon, Year 7 students are on a rolling programme of taking Accelerated Reader quizzes every two weeks.

Every student in Year 7 has their own online Accelerated Reader account and virtual ‘bookshelf’, and every fiction book in the Warren Library is linked to the Accelerated Reader scheme . Students can take quizzes on each book they borrow and when they pass a quiz, the word total for the book is added to their grand total. Students reaching particular milestones in terms of number of words read receive badges for their efforts.

The list of badge winners so far this year is as follows:

Multi-Millionaires – 2 million words and over

Jannah Sharmin
Purba Jaha

Gold – 1 million words

Aysha Haque (Needs silver and gold)
Leonida Bibaj
Kaitlyn Sheridan
Chloe Willis
Ellis Wright
Bradley Pike
Molly Birtles
Inaya Saleq
Sharon Adesanya (+Silver + Bronze)
Rejus Gilaitis (+ silver)

Silver:  – 750,00 words

Freddie Cranmer

Bronze: – 500,000 words

Eunice Sindani
Laiba Ihsan
Cameron Hunnable
Anna Coka
Ryan Barwick
Dhruvika Baguandas
Dominyka Zumaraite