Year 10 Raising Aspirations Trip

Year 10 Raising Aspirations Trip To Anglia Ruskin University


  • We first had a tour around the university and our ambassador explained different things on each building. This helped increase my knowledge on different courses and I’m now considering taking law. My favourite part of the day was the activity at the end on teamwork and time management as it was really fun
  • Asima Khatun 10PRO
  • On 27th March a group of year 10 pupils went on trip to the Anglia Ruskin University in Chelmsford. We were introduced to six students that study at university. We were taken on a tour around the university grounds. Personally I found out that the university is based on mostly medicine. The University trip really increased my knowledge and it was a very good experience
  • Kira Edwards-Richards 10LMU

Student Life

  • At Anglia Ruskin University I have learnt a lot and gained knowledge about student’s life. The student ambassadors have explained what courses are about and what qualifications you need to have to get a job. The activities were fun and I have experienced teamwork, communication skills and leadership
  • Rayan Mahmud 10SKH


  • When we entered the university a group of student ambassadors told us about their university life. The university offered over 165 different courses and had huge lecture rooms with up to 400 seats. Throughout the day we were given a tour around the university and took part in different tasks. This university was particularly good in its medical courses as they had some outstanding facilities. Overall it was a very good experience and helped me with more university information
  • Katie Hammond 10HAM
  • I enjoyed the trip to Anglia Ruskin on Tuesday 27th. I enjoyed learning about university life because the hosts were very honest. I would like to go on other trips similar to this in the future
  • Omar Hasan 10GDI
  • On the 27th March 2018 94 of the year 10 students was given the chance to visit the Anglia Ruskin University in Chelmsford. We all had a great time but one thing which I personally enjoyed was the question and answer segment. This gave me along with the others huge knowledge and an idea of how university is going to be like if we chose the path. This trip also made every individual think on what they would further like to be in the future
  • Overall it was a really insightful trip and we all hope for something like it again
  • Anne Laure Madzou 10PRO

The students had a great time and behaved well.  It was great to see them all engaged and asking lots of questions.  They were very impressed with the Science labs and the simulation of a hospital  ward.  It was good for them to see the library with various areas of quite rooms and pods to work in.

The boys loved the stock exchange room, and the team work activity was a great way to end the day.

Best bit for me – The students asking me if they could apply right away. Thank you for all of the staff who also attended the trip.

Mrs Newsam