Trip to City Hall

On Weds 12th Dec selected Year 8 students were lucky enough to go on a trip to City Hall.

We were able to learn about the history of London. We all saw a presentation about all the fascinating events that has happened in London and what makes London a great city. London is also a very good place for tourists to visit.

We were also lucky enough to see part of the London Assembly discussing how police officers should deal with mental health and this was broadcast live on the London Assembly website. It was a great experience to see them discussing what is best for London as a city and as a community.

We also got a tour of the fantastic environmentally friendly building. We were told about why the City Hall building is slanted to the side and that is because when it is hot and the sun is out, one side of the building will stay in the shade and less electricity will be used by putting on the air conditioning. Everyone there tries to make it as environmental friendly as they possibly can.. There were also many famous sites we could view from the the City Hall itself.