The Warren visits Copperbox Arena

It’s not the usual Friday night where you get to watch the London Lions play at the copper box arena against their visitors the Surrey Scorchers; however, on the 17th of January 50 students were fortunate enough to attend this and had an overall enjoyable experience watching the BLL championships. The results were close but the Lions came out with a win with a score of 107: 98 resulting in a thrilling sensation throughout the home crowd. There was constant crowd participation from the lion mascot as well as the commentator interacting with others and getting them to join in during half times, this helped to create an excitable atmosphere. Once the game was over we were lucky enough to meet some of the London Lion players such as Brandon Peel and Ovie Soko.

One student said,

“Before the match had started I was completely unfamiliar with the sport as a whole but now I can say I have a more advanced understanding of the scoring system as well as the positions from different players on the basketball court. This became an enjoyable experience for the majority of the students with gratifying results and new knowledge of the sport that they may have been unaware of before.”