The Warren General Election

On 12th December the Warren held a General Election in line with the actual election held on this day. The campaign began in early November, with the sixth form politics students organising parties, electing leaders and creating their campaign messages. Some also got in contact with local members of the Labour and Conservative parties, and gained election material to distribute to staff and students. The campaign also involved students, acting as party leaders, preparing speeches for hustings in form time. They faced questions from staff and students alike and they attempted to secure a much of the vote as possible.

On election day, students flocked to the ballot. They registered and received a polling card, and then were able to vote in the private booths, before placing their ballot paper into the box. The ballot was run and organised by Year 13 students, but all year groups participated with great enthusiasm.

The results were counted on the evening. Two results were produced; one using a purely proportional system and the other using First Past the Post like the actual election, using form groups as constituencies. Both systems resulted in a Labour landslide victory, winning 43/50 seats, and 72% vote. Other parties gained some support with the Greens winning 14% vote and Brexit winning 4 seats. A turnout competition was also hosted per year group and the form with the highest turnout received a prize. Congratulations to 7C, 9N, 10W, 11R, 12A and 13A, and extra congratulations to 8A, for the highest overall turnout in the school!

Well done to everyone involved in creating a very enjoyable and valuable experience for our school.

Election Results Results