Head Girl

Hello everyone, I am proud to say that I am your new Head Girl, Demi.

I would like to welcome all members of our school and community. Thank you to everyone who participated in the school’s Election Day and voted for ‘Demi’. I finally get to “show” instead of “tell” you how I will do my best to contribute towards our school.

Thrilled, inspired and determined are a few words I could select to show you how I feel about being honoured with this privilege. Therefore before this new journey begins I would like to remind everyone I am here for every single one of you, for any wishes, requests or issues you may want to raise regarding our school.

I want to be a voice for those who feel they are not heard. I will do nothing but my best to help our school make driven, empowered and intelligent individuals who will go out and conquer the world!

Thank you

“I want to be a voice for those who feel they are not heard. I will do nothing but my best to help our school make driven, empowered and intelligent individuals.”

As well as Head Boy and Head Girl we also have a team of prefects that perform duties in and around the school.  So feel free to speak to any prefect during the school day.

Mrs Newsam

6th Form Achievement Team Leader

On the 18th October 2019 sixth form students as well as teachers wore red to represent showing racism the red card. The school raised over £100 for the charity and we are extremely proud of everyone that took part on this special day by wearing red.

This day gave an opportunity for everyone to raise awareness on the issues that happen around the world and what we could do to help stop racism.  I believe that wearing red proved to everyone that we all stand as one against racism and will continue to do so.

Mrs Newsam said racism has no place on our sixth form.

Asima Khatun 12E


Being selected as one of the achievers in our school was an honour in itself, let alone finding out that I would be rewarded for my hard work with a £500 scholarship.

I intend to save most of the money I will receive and use some of it to purchase some art supplies. The topic of how one chose to spend the money was also discussed during the awards ceremony, where some winners decided to spend their money in smarter ways than others.

Regardless, money is not everything that this scholarship symbolises. It is also an incentive which will motivate me to keep on working hard as well as serving the purpose of a reward which proves that hard work does indeed pay off.

Our parents attended and it was great to see how proud they are of us.

Mrs Newsam gave a speech on behalf of our school and told us that the school was also proud of our achievements.

Colin Pond winners:

Elena Gageanu,  Zac Davis,  Shea Desmond,  Enaya Akhter, and  Torera Akinmoyede.

It was good to see our school recognised our achievements.


Was incredibly motivating and encouraged me to continue to work hard.

Elena Gageanu 12E