Tate Modern Trip

The Tate trip was very successful and the students’ behavior was flawless.

Their understanding of contemporary art should improve immeasurably by attending this trip. The students took pictures to include in their sketchbooks to satisfy AO3 and created several quick sketches to include in their double pages for AO2.

They challenged themselves working in groups and some of them engaged in debates about contemporary art and how it looks outside of the school environment. They also gained an understanding of the gallery space itself and had a go at orientating inside the multiple rooms and areas of the two buildings.

Students did really well in their observational drawings and debated ideas such as gender stereotype, refugees etc with a particular focus on the artist Jenny Holzer for AO1.

They  were excited by the view from the new viewing platform on the tenth floor and engaged in discussion about surrounding landmarks such as the Shard and St. Paul’s Cathedral.