Tate Britain Trip

Year 10 students visited the Tate Britain to attend artist-led workshops and to attend an exhibition of a variety of artists. The artist leading the workshop encouraged the students to view the world from a different perspective; looking up, looking down, questioning materials, objects and thinking critically about art. Students were engaged and inspired by the fresh perspectives that contemporary art can introduce them to. Many students also visited an exhibition named ‘All Too Human’; a display about the figure and the way the body is presented in art by artists such as Francis Bacon, Lucian Freud and Jenny Saville. Students sat in the gallery spaces sketching from artworks and note-taking. It was incredible to see students discussing and analysing the artworks in the exhibition in such a curious way. Excellent conversations from our students were happening in the galleries and the students came away from the trip with energy and excitement to express these ideas in their own art. Miss Windsor