Stubbers Rewards Trip 2017

An exclusive rewards trip to Stubbers Adventure Centre was organised for our Year 7, Year 8, Year 9, Year 10 and Year 12 pupils to recognise good attendance, hard work and effort in class.

The trip took place on Wednesday 12th July 2017. Activities included laser tag, team games, high ropes course, team challenge, climbing and zip wire. The activities helped develop team work, problem solving skills and self-confidence.

Staff from Stubbers were very complimentary about our students. Pupil had a great time, overcame their various phobias and built new friendships.

Comments from pupils included:

Aimee: “I thought that Stubbers was the best”


Maria: “Best birthday ever , laser tag was the best and the groupwork”


Celeste, Nabil and Musa “ We learnt communication skills and trust between each individual” “It was an exceptional day, we would love to do it again”


Ellie: “We all overcame our fears and worked well as a team”


Hannah: “ Scared of high ropes but still did the highest level!”


“Made friends that I didn’t expect to make”

stubbers1Thank you to Mr Hoare; Ms Haron; Ms Rodney; Mr Graffham; Ms Windsor; Mr Walker; Ms Pearce; Ms Ozkaya; Ms McGroder; Mr Ali and Ms Awan  who helped me supervise the students during this trip.

Mr. Uddin