Stormzy Book Launch – Rise Up

THE #merky story so far STORMZY 2018


As a reward for my excellent attendance I was one of 8 students invited to attend the Stormzy #Merky book launch at the Barbican Centre Central London. I have never been to the Barbican before and was impressed to see other authors such as Benjamin Zephaniah and Malorie Blackman also on the panel.  The Barbican itself was very big and the sheer volume of people attending was great to see.  I was able to relate to the conversation delivered by Stormzy and this has inspired me to keep on working hard and trying to achieve my end goal.

Yassir  Yr13W

I know some of Stormzy’s songs and so was glad to have the opportunity to attend this event.  I have started to read his book “Rise Up” which was given to us all free. I found him a great inspiration and will certainly use this positive experience to help me succeed in my education.

Migle Yr13R

Stormzy and Benjamin Zephaniah for me were inspirational.  Being a black teen in London I feel that the panel really represented what we stand for in the community.  I have read Malorie Blackman’s novels, such as Noughts and Crosses, so it was good to see her in person talking about the making of her books.

Dylan Yr13W

It was an amazing experience, it was my first time visiting the Barbican and having seen Stormzy, Benjamin Zephaniah and Malorie Blackman and many other upcoming artists just made the experience even better. From a young black girl’s perspective it gave me a different type of will power to carry on developing myself to the fullest so that I can contribute to society and help those coming from the same cultural background strive and achieve the best that they can.

Makayla  Yr13R

It was an honour to introduce our students to the Barbican Centre especially as most had not been to such an establishment before. The Barbican was sold out and made the perfect evening to introduce students to a book launch, and to see such prestigious authors. Seeing like minded students in the audience, I believe will help to remind our students that they should attend such events in the future and that all are welcome.

The free books given to each of us was also a welcome surprise, rounding off a memorable evening. The event brought young people from all over the county together and reminded them that they are all important and can achieve whatever they want through hard work, determination and most importantly friendship.

Mrs Newsam

6th Form Achievement Team Leader KS5