Sky Academy

sky_academy3On Friday 3rd March a selection of pupils from Year 9 went to visit the Sky Skills Academy in Twickenham. At this event, we were met by a company known as ‘YourLife’. They were responsible for the opportunity as they were trying to promote jobs and careers in the STEM subjects.

Did you know that out of 140000 jobs in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics), 100, 000 of them are unfilled, with people being either unqualified or unaware of such opportunities?

On the trip the 10 chosen students took part in filming and editing an exemplary news report video based on young people and politics. All students proudly represented the school and were grateful for such an opportunity to develop leadership and problem solving skills.

By Omar Hasan Year 9

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‘The pupils were really engaged and responded well to all the tasks they were given and I especially noticed the pupils who took on the role of team leader during the challenge really embracing this role and being positive reinforcers for the rest of the group.


They worked really well with each other, no one was ever left out, and everyone found their place. The teachers were also on hand all the time and really supported the students by being involved in every task’.

Sky Academy Tutor