The Warren School – Team London/WE visit

The day started with a 45-minute workshop with each of the year 8’s. They debated 4 issues affecting young people and their local community. The issues were Knife Crime, Mental Health, Homelessness and Littering. The students then brainstormed around different issues they were passionate about such as:

  • Racism
  • Mental Health
  • Bulling
  • Knife Crime

One group chosen to focus on mental health as an issue and their idea was to create a mental health club called Safe Zone, a club for anyone to come and make friends, socialise and express how they feel. The students also mentioned that they could run events too.

Next steps with Team London/WE Schools

  • The pupils have come up with a brilliant general concept for their project and have lots of amazing ideas about how they could bring them to life. The next step is for them to plan their project out in more detail and then establish how they will make it happen. One way they could do this is through the methods outlined in our online Action Planning module. They can use slides 8 and 9 to help them develop their plan. You’ll find this online module and more if you follow this link –
  • We have several campaigns available, already set up

up and focused on different social issues, for schools/pupils to get involved with.

Team London has a great tool kit that focuses on different issues that face young people in London. you can use as a guideline to support with your project.