Welcome to Year 7


We here at The Warren School are excited to welcome our New Year 7’s in September. I am absolutely thrilled to be starting the new academic year as Achievement Team Leader for Year 7.  This is the start of a new and exciting journey for us all and I have high expectations about what can be achieved by the Class of 2023 over the next seven years.

Many of you know that secondary school can be an exciting place to start creating and storing memories but also an overwhelming place for our young people.  Year 7 is not only the start of a new and important journey but it creates a pathway for our pupils to be successful in life. We are preparing and developing our Year 7’s to take on challenges but also learn different skills such as leadership, communication, teamwork and self-confidence.

There are various points of contact in the school for Year 7 such as their form tutor. Form tutors are the daily point of contact, have an overview of pupils learning and are able to offer advice and guidance. The team of tutors are overseen by the Achievement Team Leader; Miss Rodney who is responsible for the learning and achievement of the year group. She is supported by Mrs Patience; Year Care Team for Year 7 and she is responsible for student welfare and is available to help students and parents/carers with any concerns they have. The team is further supported by Assistant Headteacher Mr McGraw.

A successful first year relies on team work and between the school, student and parent or carer; we need to support each other to see this success happen. We have clear guidelines in place to help the development and raising attainment of our students. With your help and assistance, we can continue this positive trend by ensuring that homework is completed regularly, school diaries are signed and checked by parents and tutors every week and that students take full advantage of all the after school activities we have available at The Warren School.

You are the class of 2023. Your journey and legacy begins here at The Warren School.

Miss K Rodney
Achievement Team Leader

Student Voice Form Representatives

Please join me in congratulating our successful applicants who have been given the great privilege and responsibility of being part of the School’s Student Voice as their Form Group’s Representatives. We have already had a very successful couple of meetings where students were able to feedback on their feelings of and learning in Maths, Science and English. These meetings were very insightful and through their feedback which has been passed to the CTL’s for these subjects we will be able to improve their lessons, offer support and ensure future students learning needs are met.

Year 7 Form representativesThe Year 7 Assembly

Every Friday afternoon we will meet as year group for our assembly. Our start time will be 15:10 after a five minute meet and greet outside of the hall where students will be registered in their form groups promptly. We will aim to start releasing all students at 15:25 a form group at a time. However, some days this may over run slightly for which may I just apologise in advance but I will do my best to ensure if it does, it is minimal.

Our assemblies every week will be a time for reflection and celebration. We will always begin with a thought provoking theme and an inspirational quote, for example one assembly this term will focus on; Learning for Life – ‘Whoever loves instruction loves knowledge. Only the ignorant resent good correction’. We aim to stimulate the students’ imagination and ability to reflect on not only what they can do to improve themselves but what they can do to make positive contributions to their school and wider community.

We will also use this time to celebrate and recognise those students who are in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing. This will be through awarding students with subject and sporting awards and certificates for 100% attendance, the most words read through our Accelerated Reader programme, the highest number of positive SIMs reports and those who have gone above and beyond in some way will be commended through the ‘Student of the Week’ award. This is also an opportunity for us to inject some healthy competition into our Year 7 team through distinguishing our top achieving Form Groups in our Literacy, Attendance and Inter-form competitions. As you can appreciate there is a lot of positivity we like to rejoice in during this time and your understanding and support if we do exceed the time of the school day will be greatly appreciated.