Welcome to Year 10


Year 10 Motto: “Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family” (Kofi Annan).

On your first day at the Warren School back in September 2014 I said to you all ‘tomorrow is the first blank paged of a 365 page book, write a good one’ and here we are starting Chapter Four of this book together. We are extremely pleased to welcome you all into Year 10; the start of your exciting and captivating journey into studying for your GCSEs.  We want all students to utilise and relish the opportunity for a fresh start, to exceed their targets and ensure all have two years filled with achievement, success and praise.

We expect you to continue to demonstrate a commendable work ethic and high standards of behaviour for learning which will help yourselves and others on your pathway to achieving the best possible results in your GCSEs.  As a result of the new way in which students are assessed we as a school look forward to supporting you all through this change to a linear assessment schedule which means the majority of the GCSE examinations will take place in July of 2019. Literacy and numeracy will need to be key features of the independent study time carried out in order to secure the highest grades with the greater emphasis on students gaining 8 level 5’s and above including both English and Maths.

The Year 10 team aims to inspire and will work tirelessly to support students’ learning within and beyond the classroom to ensure that all students reach their full potential. Miss Davies; the Achievement Team Leader will encourage high aspirations through overseeing student progress and attainment throughout the year. Ms Symons will represent the Year Care Team from a pastoral perspective assisting with the care, behaviour and wellbeing of all Year 10 students. Tutors will monitor how students use their diaries and study time, advising them on areas concerning personal organisation and academic progress.

Year 10 is a pivotal point of the student’s education and at this point of in the school career we need to work collectively to ensure high expectations are maintained. Thus excellent attendance is essential for students to access all the planned teaching and learning taking place. Year 10 students are expected to be in school every day as every lesson is an integral part of their GCSE courses. Missing one day results in a missed opportunity and at least five hours of learning time lost. Parental and carer input is extremely valued and it is with that regular communication we hope to see students thrive and succeed especially with the introduction of new courses, which will be both challenging and daunting for many. A cohesive and positive relationship between school and home is integral and something at Warren we pride ourselves on doing well.

At Warren, we expect students to work hard in lessons, but to also to widen their life experiences by positively contributing towards all aspects of the school and their community. A diversity of cultures and British themes will be embraced throughout the year with the use of enrichment trips, our PSCHE programme and assembly themes. This too incorporates our desire to prepare students for life beyond Warren and their futures in higher education which can only be achieved if we continue to build on developing the admirable qualities so many of our students have.

At Warren we acknowledge student’s hard work and those who display outstanding work ethic will continue to be rewarded with certificates, positive phone calls and letters home as well as celebration lunches and curriculum linked visits. The school will facilitate opportunities to assist all students with accessing the curriculum through our inclusion and intervention programmes to ensure all learning needs are met, which is supported by our wonderful SEND and EAL teams.  Staff at Warren will go above and beyond through offering lunch time, after school and school holidays revision and intervention sessions for students to attend throughout the year to ensure all feel confident leading up to their GCSE examinations.

We will continue to challenge our students to make outstanding progress and through our rigours monitoring we hope to instil a passion for learning and embed a mature attitude and commitment towards the courses chosen. Finally thank you in advance for your support, we look forward to working with you and promise to always do our upmost to assist you with any concerns or feedback you wish to share.

Miss L Davies
Achievement Team Leader