To commemorate the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day and to show our respect the millions of men and women, who sacrifice their lives in the First World War a remarkable group of year 7 pupils here at the Warren School, helped participate in the making of our amazing Poppy. These poppies were made solely out of used, recycled plastic water bottles that were collected around the school and donated by staff, students and parents.
Our year 7 pupils dedicated their time to painting all the bottoms of the water bottles and transformed them into wonderful little individual poppies. These were then added to a larger outline created by our dedicated LSA’s and Art department.

A SEN class of year 9 students, during their English lessons, created an exquisite poem about their learning of the First World War that we would like to share…

“Remember the Fallen”.

During the month of November,

We take the time to remember

Those who fought hard to save our lives,

Leaving behind husbands and wives.



They sacrificed their hopes and dreams,

For a better future, or so it seems.

So when you’re safe in your bed at night,

Remember those who fought the fight.

Song Writing Project

As part of a song writing project the pupils were given a backing track and asked to create a theme, song lyrics and melody.  Being the day after the Westminster terrorist attack it was fresh on the minds of all the pupils and they were naturally upset and concerned for his family.  The pupils decided that they wanted to write a song and dedicate it to him for protecting their country and paying the ultimate price.

song1Came home from school

And life will never be the same

I know you’re not to blame

But I’m scared and angry

And Dad I miss you


And life will never, never be the same   

Thank you for your sacrifice

You helped save peoples life

You make me feel so proud

I hope you’re happy on your cloud

This song was presented to staff in briefing and was also presented to parents at a very successful parent’s coffee morning where our Parent Governor for SEND and our SEND Governor and Chair of Governors were in attendance to support


British Heart Foundation’s PUSH CPR Training

In June 2017 Class 7HBR spent their PSCHE lesson time learning how to respond to an emergency.

As part of this session each of the pupils took part in the British Heart Foundation’s PUSH CPR training award, a system we run throughout the school.

The pupils successfully demonstrated that they were able to:

  • Perform a primary survey (Checking for Danger, Response, Calling for help, opening the Airway, checking for Breathing)
  • Call for medical assistance
  • Be able to perform CPR on a casualty
  • Place unconscious causalities in the recovery position

Once pupils had demonstrated that they could perform all of the above they were awarded a CPR trained badge and certificate.

Quote:  “I could help to save somebodies life now and there aren’t many things more important than that”, Year 7 ARP student