What is 7C?

7C is a small transitional nurture group that support some of our most vulnerable students to make a smooth transition into secondary school.

Here 7C share some of their experiences from the year:

‘I enjoy school because the teachers of the nurture group are nice. I really love Drama because of the role play and script work’


‘I enjoy being in the nurture group as it helped build by confidence and I was able to move into mainstream early’


‘My nurture group lessons are fun and Mrs Duke’s lessons are fun, we built and painted  a castle’


‘I have made friends in the nurture group and I do not feel alone’


‘Mrs Duke does fun activities and we learn about interesting things’


7C class of 2016-17

Some of our work

In Design and technology we have been working on a project a Vacuum Formed Desk Tidy. Here are pictures of us working on that project:

sen3 sen4 sen5 sen6

More Quotes from students about being in 7C

‘On the first day I got lost but the team at The Warren is so supportive that within three weeks of starting school we were well settled’


‘There are some basic rules we need to follow. The school motto is ‘be in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing’. We have the school diary which is like our passport. We need to have it with us at all times .It is used to record our homework, attendance, punctuality, positives and detention. We need to ensure that we are always tidy with our uniforms and be on time to school and lesson’.


‘At the school they have a lot of activities: We can go to the library during the break time to read and there is film club and activity club in the Life and learning Zone. After school we have homework club and music club’.


‘The subjects that I enjoy are ICT, Food Tech, Technology, Art and drama, as they are fun subjects. We also work well in English, Science, Maths, History, Geography, RE and life skills. We also get certificates and rewards’


‘Year 7 have put together their own British Values with regards to respect.