Sociology is the study of society and of people and their behaviour. In studying a variety of topics, sociologists create theories to explain human behaviour and the workings of society. The subject is evidence based which means that the sociologist’s personal opinion must be backed up by facts about society. Sociologists therefore collect evidence methodically and systematically by carrying out research to establish whether their theories are correct. Sociology examines human social life and the structures we are all part of or come into contact with. These include; the family, education, the media, the Criminal Justice System and religious organisations. Sociology is about questioning and examining the assumptions on which our everyday lives are based.

The subject helps students to understand not only the unparalleled changes that are occurring in the world and the changing patterns of relationships between peoples, but their own lives, values and expectations. Sociology is a subject that students can relate to because it is relevant to their everyday lives, they can immediately engage with the subject even if they have not studied it before. Studying Sociology encourages students to develop critical and reflective thinking skills and a respect for social diversity.

Sociology is a popular and successful subject at GCSE, AS and A Level, with many of our students continuing with the subject at degree level and beyond.