History of Psychology

The word ‘psychology’ comes from the combination of two Greek words ‘psyche’ and ‘logos’ It literally means ‘the study of mind’.


The aim of the Psychology department at The Warren is to stimulate curiosity, enjoyment and interest in Psychology and to inspire a passion for the subject and for learning in its students.

Psychology provides students with the opportunity to develop an understanding of the causes of behaviours and emotions, and to explain some of the more disturbing and perturbing events in our culture such as war and addiction. Psychology develops higher order thinking skills of evaluation and synthesis which are of benefit to students in all of their academic subjects and are valued by universities and employers alike. The Department makes use of active learning and uses psychological understanding of learning processes to enable all students to achieve. The Department is firmly committed to the use of varied interactive teaching methods that facilitate the development of understanding and the acquisition of knowledge for all students. The use of differentiated teaching resources is an integral part of the Department’s ethos.


How the course is assessed

The examination board is AQA.
Each unit is 90 minutes question paper
Each unit paper will have 5 questions.

In addition to helping students acquire subject knowledge, the GCSE Psychology specification:

  • Provides a sound understanding of methods and approaches in Psychology at an introductory level.
  • Illustrates these methods and approaches through various topic areas representing the core areas of social, cognitive, developmental, biological and individual differences.
  • Develops investigation and report writing skills.
  • Develops analytical and critical thinking skills.
  • Encourages an appreciation of how science works.
  • Provides a strong basis for progression to our A-level Psychology specifications.