The Library is open from 8.55am to 4pm each day.  During lesson time we have large groups of students with subject tutors, small groups with teaching staff, one to one tutoring and students who are given permission to work on their own in the Library.  We have a very extensive selection of both fiction and non-fiction books.

All fiction books are linked to the Accelerated Reader scheme whereby students can quiz themselves on the books they read and work towards attaining rewards.  Regular visits to the library form part of the Accelerated Reader initiative during form time for years 7 and 8.

We are very busy during break time, many students using this time to print out homework, change their Library book or simply read and chat with friends.

During the lunch break the Library has several activities which include Lego Club, Drawing  and a Origami Table.  There are quieter areas available where students can read and work.  We have eight computers which are for homework only.

The Library at The Warren School is a real community, a safe and friendly environment where you can work and play.