School Wide CPR Training

A School of Lifesavers

This year it is our aim to train up the next generation of life savers, teaching basic first aid and CPR to students and staff across the school.  So far we have trained well in excess of 250 people and we hope to reach near the 600 mark by the end of the school year.

All sixth form students took part in a 7 week First Aid Course and assessment in their PSCHE lessons and we are delighted to say that not only did nearly every student pass but nearly half the students completed with a distinction.

In years 7-11 we are running CPR and primary survey workshops and on successful completion students get a “CPR Trained” badge and certificate in acknowledgement of their new skills.  We are looking at new ways to extend this work into our local community and hope to have some exciting news to share soon.

These sessions are clearly having an impact as we have already received feedback on how students have used their new found skills to help others:

“I was on his way home and he saw a girl on the floor at a bus stop in Becontree.  Everyone was just getting off the bus and ignoring her.  I checked if she was ok and checked to see if she was breathing. I asked another member of the public to help me put the girl in the recovery position and then called for an ambulance and monitored her.   An out of uniform police offer showed me his badge and then took over. The police officer said how well I had done for helping and putting her in the recovery position, and reaffirmed that it was the right thing to do. The ambulance arrived and took her to hospital.”

Miss Lyus