Road Safety

Road Safety Assembly

From Monday 27th February to Monday 6th March each year in the school received a road safety assembly.  They were presented by the Borough’s accident prevention officer; Penny Taberman alongside a student from the Warren who was involved in a road traffic accident 3 years ago.  The assemblies have focused on facts and figures about teenagers on British roads and how students can improve their own personal safety, as well as showing CCTV footage of an accident near the school site.  The video  is being shown at the request of the parents of the student involved and is there to help raise awareness of how quickly things can go wrong when concentration is lost.  The students then had the opportunity to have a question and answer session with the young person who was involved and learnt about how his accident impacted not just him but also his family, the people who witnessed it and the driver who hit him.

“I will definitely be using the crossing in the future.”

“There’s always loads of staff outside at the end of the day making sure we use the crossings but this has made me think about all the roads I cross and from now on I’ll be taking off my headphones.”

Miss Lyus