Record Breaking Readers

Year 7 students at Warren have broken all previous records by reading an incredible 80 million words and having more higher attaining readers than ever before.

At The Warren School, all students in Years 7 are enrolled in the Accelerated Reader programme, internationally recognised as an extremely effective means of helping pupils progress.

Time is allocated to specific forms each afternoon to take Accelerated Reader quizzes and the expectation is that pupils will complete a book in their own time every two weeks.  Year 7 students also change books regularly in the library during form time and have regular library visits in English lessons.

Students can see their online ‘virtual bookshelf’ displaying all the books they have taken quizzes on and can see their own progress in terms of how many words they have read and the level of difficulty of the books they are reading.

acceleratedreader1bookworm1Students have the additional incentive of reading for their ‘bookworm’ badges which are awarded according to the amount of words a student has read based on Accelerated Reader quizzes passed.

Bronze bookworm badge : 500,00 words

Silver bookworm badge: 750,000 words

Gold bookworm badge: 1,000,000 words


So far this year 47 students have become badge winners with 24 becoming ‘reading millionaires’, and two students having passed the four million mark! Our top reader, Purba Jaha, is fast approaching being our first every five million word reader having passed quizzes on 79 books!

rainbow1Several high flying students have also managed to attain the very challenging ‘Rainbow reader’ award which requires them to pass quizzes on books in seven different categories including a 19th and 20th century classic.