Raised Voices

3. RV 2018 WARREN 22 MARCH 20184. RV 2018 WARREN 22 MARCH 2018

On Thursday 23/03/18 The Arc Theatre Group presented their latest set of short films to Year 7 and Year 8. All the films are written and created by Year 10 girls from all schools in Barking & Dagenham including our very own Mia Thompson-Semackor. These films deal with issues faced by our young people every day and aim to keep them knowledgeable and safe from CSE, gangs and online grooming.

Please read the feedback from Natalie and the ARC Team below.

Dear Mr Farnsworth and everyone at The Warren School,

Thank you so much for hosting our ‘RAISED VOICES – LIFE IS PRECIOUS’ film and presentation sessions today.

Your Year 7 and Year 8 students were amazing audiences for us.  They watched and listened so well and many gave us interesting feedback and responses.  I was really impressed at how well they stayed focussed and engaged throughout.

You can watch a version of the film here:


If you would like to join please see the details on the flyer.

Mr Farnsworth