Prison! Me! No Way!


On January 12th 2018 Year 10 were part of the

Prison! Me! No! Way! experience.

They took part in sessions that included talking to former prisoners, making choices in the street, first aid, Transport For London and seeing first hand just how uninviting a prison cell is.

The day was organised by Ms Dumbrill and photos were taken by Ernest Aidoo and Ellen Davis.

All of the pupils found the sessions invaluable and would thoroughly recommend this sobering experience to all pupils.

  • I told my friends about it and I told them what happened on the day.
  • The talk with Anthony stood out because we got to talk to someone who has been though the prison experience.
  • It helped me to improve my confidence in providing first aid.
  • I learnt not to follow the wrong crowd and to listen to others.
  • I learnt how to help people and that we are all equal.

Mrs Newsam